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A commitment to Helping You LIVE.

Supporting Individuals and Families as They Heal From Trauma.

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We Support Individuals and Families that have been victims of Trauma and or Violence, assisting them in the healing process by covering the cost of Trauma Treatment and Therapy including living expenses . Our Goal is to Prevent Suicide, and help Put Joy in the Souls of those whom the World has tried to steal it from; for individuals of our society to have no worries outside of healing.

Rejuvenation and Restoration

We Partner with clinics and treatment centers to help support participants with world class care and support as they heal from their personal experiences.

Continuous Support

Experience a Group of Individuals that Only want to see you WIN and overcome the hurt that life has caused when things seem hopeless and unbearable.

Friend Hotline

Coming Soon…. A confidential safe place to talk to unbiased, supportive, encouraging friends when you feel alone

Funding for Rare Disease Research

Help Support us as we fund research for cures for rare terminal childhood illnesses and diseases such as Hutchinson’s Disease.

Life Management

Have no worries as you heal from your experiences, let our staff and volunteers take care of your personal affairs throughout your healing process so that you can “Just Heal”.

Family Solutions

We Understand that Life may never seem the after experiencing trauma or violence that is why we Offer a variety of Solutions to help assist you through the healing process..

An array of resources

Our comprehensive Family services were curated with one goal in mind… To help you LIVE a Long, Happy, HEALTHY and Fulfilling LIFE.

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“We Exist So You may Exist”

Beau Taijz

Founder, We The Peoples Organization


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